10 must visit beaches of Kerala

 1.Fort Kochi Beach:considering most tourist lands in kochi and spend atleast a day in fort kochi this beach is must visit.This beach gives picture perfect view of sunset with Chinese fishnet.though this beach is always crowded and not enough wide still the view will make it worth a visit.
2.cherai beach:39 kms from kochi this is beach is pristine blue shallow beach.Again not a less crowded beach but view will compensate the visit.
3:Andhakaranazhi beach:this beach is considered among one least polluted sea side.This beach is confluence of backwater and Arabian Sea and crystal clear water is perfect for photography.
4.Alleppy Beach:not one among best but not be missed for sure.avoid walking towards south as it gets lonely ,men may take an opportunity of staring at you shamelessly.beautiful sunset view and must visit lighthouse top from where you can see aerial view of city.
5.Marari beach:This beach is one among best beaches in Kerala with array of coconut tree shade and beautiful sunset view.careful while swimming as three oceans meet here and tides are really fierce and powerful.
6.Varkala Beach:I will rate it as most beautiful cliff beach of Kerala.If you want to visit a place with multi cuisine restaurants,bars,cafe and hippy culture this is the place for you.This is also called Papanasham Beach which as name suggests believed to wash away your sin by taking dip in the ocean.

If you walk towards you will reach black beach after few kms which is completely black sand beach.
7.Kappil Beach: Around 8kms from varkala is Kappil beach untouched and almost no mans beach.A road trip is highly recommended as highway goes In between the Beach and backwater.this is picture perfect place with no one to photobomb.
8.Poovar beach:12 kms from Kovalam is one of the most visited beach in Kerala.Neymar dam is very nearby and is must visit.
9.lighthouse Beach:This beach have best sea food restaurants hence a must visit for all you travellers out there.This beach is also most preferred honeymoon destination.A picture perfect beach lighthouse background.
10.Thaikaddapuram Beach:This beach is in Kasargod district of Kerala which ah e many untouched beaches but this beach is famous for a entirely different reason.every year during monsoon rare ‘Olive Ridley Turtles’ visit this beach.So add it in your must visit visit beach when you are in Kerala next time.


School with a Concept

dsc_4667This is one school which should be role model for country but unfortunately lacking teachers and basic study material.I am trying to highlight the points which are totally awesome and also points which need attention.
During my 3 month long solo trip to Western ghat I spent two days at my Friend’s place which is a very religiously famous place In Karnataka  called ‘subhramanya’ .
This place is famous for ‘kukke subhramanya Swami’ temple which means snake God in a basket.People from far away comes to this place for ‘kaal sarp dosh nivaran’ which actually is a phase in your horoscope guarded by snake God and believed that you can’t do anything better till its there.People come to offer prayer to God in order to get rid of this phase.I am not religious neither do I believe in horoscope so this was not area of interest to me.

Kukke Subhramanya Swami Temple

Whenever I visit to a place I try to study their social development by visiting schools and hospitals and my friend knew it well so she asked me to visit nearby primary school where she studied.
It was Saturday and we(me and my friend) reached there by lunch time.suddenly we distracted attention of kids from food to us.We thought we will talk to kids and visit classrooms later so we started talking to teachers.

Students aligned for Mid-day  meal



close look of Curd Rice for meal

Unfortunately not all teaches can speak or understand English so we spoke to Mr. Siddalingaswamy Who helped us explaining about school

Name:Kaikumba higher primary school
Total no of students :80-100
Class: 1-6(3 for primary)
Total teachers:6 (including principal)
Some unusual facts for School:
Surprisingly this school have 60% of girls student which also leads us to a fact that almost all kids in this area are coming to school.
This school grows its own organic vegetable and thus making students aware about harmful effects of chemicals used for agriculture.
This school have its own Bio gas plant to cook midday meal.

Bio gas plant

Since this school don’t have English teacher hence a lady Mrs.Pavithra raviprasad who initiated English spoken classes, “gubbachci speaking”s volunteering and she visits once in a week.Her unique teaching method impressed me a lot there is a small box in the name of each students.Daily students chose three English words and drop in box.when this comes visit school she pics up one word from the box and asks student to make three sentences from it. Isn’t is truly awesome and innovative?
This schools do not encourage sweet of toffee distribution by visitors or even students on their birthday instead they ask to buy or donate books for the library.
After students finished meal we visited class talked to kids,saw their art and craft work and it was time for school to close for the day since it was half day.

Boxes for English words


Drawing by students


The main purpose of writing about this school apart from introducing this school to world which is that this school badly need some English teacher.I request friends in this area and who are travelling to Karnataka who can spare few hours in teaching or in any other way please volunteer.
Also this schools really lacks primary school books in English (alphabet,Rhyme or any other basic primary book) so request all of readers to send some relevant books and stationary which my be lying useless in your kids bookshelf or maybe can buy and send them.I have mentioned school address at the end of this blog.
This school is soon going to have a online library where not only students can read books but one can donate from few websites in India and can directly get delivered to this school.
Address to send books & Stationary:
GHPS (Government higher primary school) 
kaikambaBilinele V.Po., 
puttur talluk, D.K.
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Jalori Pass-Heaven Beyond Luxury & Roadies Paradise

Have you ever been to a place which is beautiful, picturesque and serene way beyond your imagination?

I did and the place is ‘Jalori Pass’.


When Delhi was burning at 45 degree Celsius I had not expected to reach a place within 500 kms where temperature is as low as -2 degree.


I have strong pull for lakes & waterfalls hence I wanted to explore any Himalayan lake where I had not been before. While googling I came across Saryolsar lake In Himachal and immediately I locked the destination. Now I needed to know how to reach there, what are stay options & what are other nearby places to visit.


After a bit of research I asked one of my friend with whom I am traveling to most places from past few months if he wants to join me and he agreed.

We booked out ticket from Delhi to Aut in semi deluxe Bus departing at 6:40 from Delhi. It was Friday and after my office hours which ends at 5:00PM I took a metro from Gurgaon and reached ISBT by 6:20 PM.Boarded the bus and at morning 7:3o it dropped us to Aut Market. We asked few locals if we can get direct bus to Jalori Pass and everyone said we have to take to Banjaar and then connecting bus to Jalori Pass. Finally at last we asked one more man who said we can walk 2 min straight and can get KTC bus to Jalori pass from Right side…WOW!…..and yes he was right.


Bus goes through absolute no road with straight valley for 60-70 Kms…The journey is almost similar to Kaza and Kishtwar Route and now I know why this is Bikers dream road to ride on.

On the way we had to halt for 30 Min sice an army truck & JBL was struck in mud. Bus stops for Luch on the way where there are 3 Dhabas serving delicious local food.

We chose a middle one which was owned by a local lady and not to mention we had best of lunch for 50 Rs per person which consisted Rajma,Lobia,Sepu Vadi(Local delicacy),Kadhi,Rice & roti.Lady was too curious to see us and asked us where are we going when we said Jalori pass she was too worried and said its too late to reach there since there is no home stay or guest house. We assured her in that case we will come back and stay with her but w want to go and explore the possibility. We paid, bid Namaste and boarded bus.

We reached Jalori pass around 12:30 and sat at a dhaba for tea and asked him if there is any homestay. He said Homestays are either in Jibhi or Khanag which is 20 Km from there but there is one HPMC CAMP and his caretaker is around so we can ask him if he can accommodate us.We met Mr.J.R. Thakur and he said he have 7 tents and all is empty.



First View of the Camp


Camp was 1 km walk from bus stand and I must say what a view….it was just perfect. We hadn’t thought that we will get a accommodation at such a secluded meadow amidst pine jungle. Few meters of walk downhill and we reached here:


Camp Top View


Mr Thakur asked us for tea.we put down out backpack,grabbed out camera and went out to get some clicks.Had tea and decided to have a power nap.Aalmost after an hour Mr.Thakur called us that lunch is ready. We asked him how can we reach Saryolsar lake and he said its 4 km walk straight walk from here.On the way to Campsite we decide to visit Raghupur fort too which was 1hr 30 min walk from bus stand. We had to give up our idea of visiting Saryolsar lake same day due to rain and hailstone and we decided to be at camp and get soaked in nature and postpone saryolsar lake for tomorrow. Initially we had decided to spend a day in Jibhi but this place made us to stay there for day and we absolutely loved it.

You wake up with bird chirping, goats and sheeps gazing near your camp and beautiful sunrise.


Sheeps Grazing neat Camp and Shepard sitting by camp side


Inside of Camp



Next day we wake up at 7 and after breakfast we left for lake. It was straight walk for 1.5 Hrs and we reached lake. There is a local legend which says there is pair of bird who cleans litter from lake which falls in.Though we hadn’t seen those birds. We were the only tourist walking to lake that early.


First Look of Lake

The lake is absolutely mirror clean and one can see reflection of tree and meadow in it,the weed at base and off course not a single leaf in lake. Below picture can give you an idea.There is also a sacred seat for goddess ‘ budhi Nagin’ within temple permises.Budhi Nagin is believed to be the Goddess regulating the rainfall in Kullu Valley.


Crystal clear water and weed at base of lake


Temple of Budhi Nagin at backdrop

After spending an hour at lake we decided to walk back to.we had Tea and maggie at dhaba near lake. We Met two kids and a group of young guys playing cricket in two absolutely different ways utilising available resources.we talked to dhabda owner and her wife for a while and left for camp. While returning it may turn a bit tiresome due to slightly uphill climb. We said no to lunch since we were full and decided to take another power nap.When we wake up Mr.Thakur tols us we can walk for 30 minutes and reach the top of the pass for some spectacular view. He also told us that shooting of ‘Yeh Jawani hai Deewani’ was done there so it’s now a kind of tourist spot.


First Dhaba near Lake



Trek goes through this dense forest



We saw spectacular sunset and planned to catch early morning 8:30 bus to Manali.We reached Manali around 1:30.Had lunch at ‘moonshine café’ at Old Manali and boarded our 5:40 bus to Delhi

Some more pics clicked on the way to lake:



Dandelion Flower 


Some grass on Lake side


Rhododendron Flower


Purple Rhododendron locally known as Thangal 


Thangal Bloom

Pula Chappal i bought at Aut Market

Shepherd House near Lake

If you are planning to stay at Forest camp keep these points in mind:


1) If You are ok with animal sounds at night and bird chirping early morning at 4:00 am
2) If You are comfortable with changing climate from rain to extreme cold to mist.
3) If your phone & laptop is not integral part of your daily life since there is no electricity.
4) You are ready to live with limited facilities and simple food.
5) there is nothing to do after sunset till sunrise so sleeping and spending ur time in tent is only the option.

6) There is no Hot water so cold shower is only option if u are can’t live without bathing.


Must to carry List:


1)Rain coat

2)Warm jacket

3)cap to ear cuffs


5)Power bank

6)Trek Pole(In case if you are planning to go Saryolsar Lake)

7)Extra charged camera Battery since there is no electricity.


NOTE:In case if you have extra time or you don’t want to spend your two nights at Camp you can stay a day at Jibhi.Its a beautiful Old Himalayan village by Tirthan River stream and you will not regret the stay.


This Journey is not for Faint hearted.

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Village with Kaleidoscopic Kinner Kailash Range-Chitkul & Kalpa

Here comes a 4 day extended long weekend and we are all set for hills. Among all parts of Himalayas Kinnaur Valley comes next to Spiti in our most favorite list.Since to visit Spiti we need at least around a week even one village and as off now Spiti is not accessible by road hence we decided to Kinnaur.When you talk about Kinnaur Chitkul tops the list of most favorite followed By Kalpa so here we go.   We booked out tickets for 9:50 HRTC(Non AC) Bus from Delhi to Sangla Valley which is good back aching journey of 18-20 Hours costing around INR 850 each since we had only 4 days and had to save time over luxury. One can also break journey in a more comfortable way by opting for Volvo Bus till Shimla costing around INR-1000 each and further to local HRTC bus till Sangla or Chitkul directly.   We Reached Sangla around 4:00 PM and met 4 guys who too were travelling in same bus with us from Delhi to Sangla.Intially we had plan to board local bus from Sangla to Chitkul but locals informed us that since its off season last bus goes to Chitkul had already departed around 3:00 PM and now next bus is in the morning. We both were in no mood to spend our night at sangla  meanwhile two other guys have booked their hotel are Raksham so we decided to book a taxi and drop them to their hotel on the way. Other guys decided to come with us since they had no plan and had never been before to the place.We hired a taxi @1200 INR till Chitkul. Way from Sangla to Chitkul goes parallel to Kinner Kailash Range and valley is covered with Apricot blooms which was cherry on the cake. We dropped two guys to their hotel and continued our journey making sure that we will meet next morning at soon as we cross Raksham snow covered roads starts.after around 50Min ride we reached chitkul.


Apricot Bloom on the way

Valley loaded with Apricot Bloom The first look of chitkul village was like heaven. Snow covered small Himalayan village like a fairy tale land.Soon we realised we need to book hotel and I thought to goto same old Homestay where I stayed last year during my the end of village after crossing small Nallah there is a homestay on left side with board’Rani Guest House’ we asked owner if we can get rooms and he said yes there are only two rooms available and prices is same as last year I.e. 400 INR per night/room.I chose the room with 3 side Hill View :D.


First Look of Chitkul Village


Room we stayed


View From Room Window No 1


View From Room Window No 2


View From Room Window No 3

We ordered Tea,had hot shower and quickly came out for photography since it was going to be dark soon.Owner asked what would we like to have in dinner and we said whatever he serves us will be good enough.He cooked Egg curry and rice,Chapati for Non vegetarians and Daal with mix vegetable for vegeterians.we enjoyed another cup of tea with valley view and started to introduce ourselves since till now we were taken away by the beauty of Chitkul.Next morning we planned to visit old Temple in village and trek to glaciers of Baspa River Across the Village which is about 4-5 Kms easy trek. After an hour or so we had Dinner, some night photography  and went to bed and other two guys left for Kalpa promising us to meet tomorrow morning at Kalpa. We slept like baby after 20 Hour of bumpy ride 😀


Night view Of Chitkul

Next morning we wake up early around 7 ordered tea and got owner was all alone and had 18 guest to serve on his own. I helped him making Parathas for guest.After tea and breakfast we left for temple and from there for trek.Trek route was all covered with snow and we couldn’t make it more than 2.5-3 Kms due to heavy snow and river was flowing too ferocious and chilled in order to walk or cross it to reach Glaciers so we decided to turn back.Though we couldn’t complete it still it was challenging and beautiful trek.


Entrance of the Temple


Main Temple


Top View of Temple


We have to cross this pool to walk towards glacier


On the way to Glacier


Mesmerising View of Valley & Baspa River

Around 4:PM we returned to hotel had Lunch and went for a power Nap but after a while we woke up by loud talk of a group of Bikers who just arrived.On coming out from my room  I realised it’s a biker whom I know well through Facebook and quite often share our travel tales.We arranged some woods for bonefire,shared some snacks and drinks together,enjoyed music,shared our travel stories,had dinner and went to bed since we had to wake up early to catch Bus to Reckong Peo in order to reach Kalpa.HoteL Owner told us that there is one shared cab going tomorrow morning till Kharcham.we aimed to catch that Cab and sent to bed.


Apricot Flowers

DSC_2760.JPG   Apple Flowers We woke at 6 got ready and boarded the cab which dropped us at Kharcham and charges INR-100 each.after 10 Min wait we got a Bus for Reckong Peo and reached there by 10 AM.we saw Kalpa Bus standing and immediately boarded it.Bus driver said he willmove in 15 Min so we thought to search for some food but since its Jewellers strike all over India Market was closed but Himachal Co operative Juice and sanacks bar was open just across the road.we grabbed coffee and some sandwich and boarded bus.the bus fair from Reckong Peo to Kalpa is INR 15 each.Unfortunately we didn’t had change except a 500 Note and Bus conductor didn’t had change of 500.We approached a local tea shop in hope of getting change but she too denied but luckily one local person came and offered us change.we ordered tea and within minutes lady served it.I couldn’t bear that tea except a sip since it was too sweet for me.the lady offred to serve another with less sugar but by then my mood was changed for tea.She told us that there is local festival at temple at 4 PM and invited us.We were more than Happy and promised her to meet there.What else do You need?


View of Kalpa Village from Top

Mountain, valley view Blooming with  Apricot Flowers, Snow caped high mountain ranges and local Festival ❤ The ride from Reckong Peo to Kalpa is Scenic it takes hardly 30 Minutes to reach Kalpa. From bus stand we had to climb up the stairs to top of Kalpa to reach our Hotel’The White Nest’.Though it was just 8-10 Min climb but steep and we had backpacks which made us tired to the core.However when we reached the top and saw the view all our tiredness went away.After savouring the view for few minutes we reached hotel reception to check tariff.the staff named Anand said they have rooms starting from INR-1000 and when we said we are looking for cheap option he offered us tarrif of INR-500 per night going out of his professional way. Note:If you are in Kalpa is a Bangali Hub,All signboards will be in English and Bangali and sometime only Bangali.Menu is loaded with bangali items and even staffs can speak Bangali.Suddenly we met two guys who left Chitkul before us for Kalpa last night in same hotel J. We offcourse were hungry so we asked what can we get for Lunch(My broken bangali worked) and he said Daal(Lentils),Bhaat(Boiled Rice) and Au Posto (Bangali preparation made with boiled potato in Poppy seed paste).we checked In had hot shower and came down for Lunch.We discussed our day plan with guys who were palnning to Shimla and spent night there and next morning depart for Delhi.we Decided to walk till Roghi Village which is again Last Indian Village few Kilometers before China Border Starts. After Lunch We said Good Bye to the Guys and started walking for Roghi Village.Its 3.5-4 Kms easy walk By the side of Majestic Kinner Kailash Range in total but it took us 2 Hours reach there since we were stopping for photography after every 10 Minutes.One cannot resist capturing those mesmerising Views.


Walk towards Roghi Village


Suicide Point on the way

Roghi is a small old Himalayan village where most of homes are still of old style wood crafted architecture. There is an Old fort kind of House just few stairs below on the way to Temple.It looks like castle but non of the Locals were ready to give us details about that.anyway we spent an hour just looking at different wooden Houses and Architecture and came up in order to reach Kalpa to attend local Festival.Luckily we got a bus from Roghi to Kalpa which charged us INR 10 each.


Old House at Roghi Village


Roghi Village

We boarded off bus near the stairs leading to temple and rushed for Buso Festival(Masked end of winter festival).It was such a delight to see local offering to God with Dance and local Beer.This festival was official goodbye to Winters from Kalpa and arrival of summer.Again we clicked some Photographs which are not that great but good enough to give an idea about the festival.


Folk Dance at Buso Festival(Masked end of winter festival)



Another View of Folk Dance

Around 7 PM we reached back to hotel and crashed to bed after beautiful and tiring day.Hotel staff knocked our door around 9 PM with dinner which was Alu Gobhi and Roti.we had little of dinner and slept again after deciding to left hotel at 7 AM in order to see Bhimakali Temple at Srahan on the way to Rampur.Somehow we got late and left Hotel at 8 AM.when we reached bus stand there was no bus and local people informed since its Sunday bus services are limited.we wanted to reach Rampur on time in order to reach Delhi Monday Morning(We both had our work to reassume at any cost).We waited for bus for about 15 Min and decided to walk down till Reckong Peo.we were half the way and saw a pickup van which was going in same Direction, we asked him if he can drop us till bus stop and he agreed. We asked him if we can pay for the ride since people in hills don’t see money as generosity but insult specially when they help you.He agreed and we paid him and moved to bus stand to check bus schedule to Rampur after saying Thank You to was already 11 and it was Minimun 3 Hours ride to Rampur.We booked our bus from Rampur to Delhi which was scheduled to Depart at 5 PM (INR 875 each)which basically meant to skip out plan to Visit Sarahan.We decided to Visit Sarahan next time and boarded a bus to Rampur.   On the way bus stopped at some Dhaba(Place name I am not sure) where we had really delicious Kadhi-Chawal. We reached Rampur around 2 PM and waited for Bus. Next Morning we reached Delhi at 5 AM AND OUR Journey ends here.   I will be soon visiting another piece of heaven soon….

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Quaint Relaxing Gateway-Mashobra

There is saying by Benjamin Franklin


“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

So wether we end up executing our plan or not we plan it anyway  😛


while me and my friend suddenly realized that there are consecutive 4 days long weekend so if we take 3 day leave  it will turn out to be 9-Day consecutive holiday, enough long time to explore some unexplored places but somehow plan  failed since my friend couldn’t get leave at last moment and  we decided to go somewhere at least for weekend to satiate out wanderlust.

We wanted to go some hill where both of us hadn’t been before, which should be cheap(Around 2500 per person inclusive of all charges),within 400 Kms and suddenly we shortlisted 3-4 option and finalized to visit ‘Mashobra’.

Mashobra is 370KMs from Delhi and 15 km from Shimla. Located at an altitude of 2500 m above sea level, is one of Asia’s largest watersheds with the Indus and Ganges on either side.It is surrounded with densely covered forests of oaks and pines. A paradise for Birders.


We booked HRTC bus from Delhi to Mashobra departing at 10:30 PM on Friday Night(18-March) and Reached Mashobra at morning 7:00 Am.Initially bus dropped us to Mashobra main market where there was only two stay option:

1.Club Mahindra Resort which off course was way beyond our budget

2.‘Sharma Home Stay’ which was 2000 per night  which is just at the opposite side of Club Mahindra resort where the Owner sits.

We were not ready to pay so much and wanted to stick to our budget. The biggest mistake we did was none of us were carrying our tent or sleeping bag with us. So we decided to search for better option in terms of price. Someone suggested us ‘Rock Heaven’ it was 1500 Per night and when we said him that we are looking for cheap option going out of his professional way he suggested us ‘Rudra Homestay’ At Tarapur which was 15 Min walk from there.

Rudra Homestay  Charges are INR-990 Per night but since this is off season he offered us the price of 800 per night for two(which appeared very decent to us at least after visiting so many options).


Valley View from Balcony of Home stay

We checked in,had Hot bath and crashed to bed, we were so tired that we fell asleep within minutes and woke up exactly after two hours around 10 Am.We decided to have breakfast and meanwhile were looking for options how to reach ‘Golf Course’ at Naldhera which is short uphill walk to the mesmerising view of Golf Course established by Britis and converted into a big Golf course from nowhere on a mountain . We saw a bus approaching and we boarded keeping in mind that we will have brunch at Naldhera itself. Bus took 10 Rs each and dropped us to the point where one can hire Horses to reach Golf Course. We saw a restaurant which is Run by HRTC ‘The Golf Glade’ and decided to have quick tea and breakfast but from Ambiance to service to menu everything of that restaurant made us to sit there for 3 Hours without realizing it.


Temple on the way to Golf Course.

We ordered Local Specialty Sepu Vadi which is made from Overnight soaked grounded lentil first steamed then cut into pieces, fried and served as curry along with Daal,& roti. Not to mention food was Yummy and quite reasonable at price while we were eating two monkeys were watching us from window curiously which appeared cute to us(its not scary since windows are glass sealed) and now we can say that we had lunch with Monkeys :P(Lunch for two 500 INR)


Sepu Vadi

After lunch we decided to hike to Golf Course on our own since we both like hiking/trekking. Moreover we never believe In hurting any living species for our comfort. Entry fee is 10 Rs per person but to enter the Golf course one should be the member of club else you can see golf course from fences. Hike is through a dense Pine forest which give beautiful view of endless mountain layers. We spend few hours clicking photographs and watching the landscapes and  went back to Mashobra village just to explore.One can visit Apple Orchids after 30 Minute Hike from Mashobra Village. We came back to our hotel around 7 PM.Had dinner spent some time watching twinkling Shimla at distance and million stars overhead and decided to go Kufri next Morning.


Hiking Towards Golf Course

We woke up around 7 and after getting ready and having breakfast at restaurant downstairs we took a bus for Kufri.To reach Kufri we have to take a bus first to Dhali and from there a bus to Kufri.It took 45 Minutes in total to Reach Kufri from Tarapur and total of 20 Rs each.

We hiked to Kufri top and on the way we stopped at tea stall whose owner was an interesting Nepali Guy named Raju who also offered us to visit his Home in Fagu when we visit Kufri Next.we had Maggie, Boiled Chana masala(Chick Pea) and tea and continued our journrey to Kufri Top.We spent sometime there again clicking some photographs.For kids and family there is also an adventure park where one can enjoy Go Karting and different rides.enetry fee is 125 INR per person however if you buy any ride ticket entry is free.Around 2 we left the place for Shimla.



View From Adventure Park Kufri


Hiking Towards Kufri Top


Cloud Over Mountains from Kufri Top


We reached Shimla in another 30 Minutes by paying 27 INR each. Bus dropped us at Lift area and we reached Upper Shimla(One can also take stairs to reach upper Shimla but its tiresome).Walked around and saw main attraction and came back to Sol Café which is my personal favourite. This café balcony gives amazing sunset and night View. We ordered food, clicked sunset with Shimla City in background and some night shots of Shimla.


Sol Cafe


Glance of Shimla


Sunset View Of Shimla

By 8:30 Pm we hired a taxi @150 Rs which dropped us to Tutikandi(New bus stand) bus stand from where we had our bus departure 10:20 PM for Delhi.


…Keep Wandering


Explore Delhi In a day


Many people often mail and text me to suggest them a day itinerary for Delhi Visit from different part of world.

I thought to put it on my first blog in the honour of city where I reside and call home.

I have prepared 3 itineraries keeping in mind that people who want to see Delhi in a day  would like to experience the enriched bygone era charm and modern mix of culture. So here it is:


  1. For those who want to see Delhi with family and kids:


Start your morning with Breakfast at Jama Masjid and follow the below itinerary:


1.Red Fort(Monday Closed. Visiting Hours 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM)

2.Qutab Minar (Open all day.Visiting Hours 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM)

3.Lotus Temple (Closed on Monday Visiting Hours 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM)

4.Aksahrdham (Monday Closed,9:30 AM to 6:30 PM)

5.Indira Gandhi Museum (Monday Closed,Visiting Hours 9:30 AM to 5 PM)

6.Rajghat (All day open, Visiting Hours 5:30 AM to 7:00 PM)

7.Nehru Museum(Wednesday to Sunday. Visiting Hours 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM)

8.Jantar Mantar (All Days. Visiting Hours 6:00AM to 6:00 PM)

9.India Gate(Open All Day till Midnight)


  1. For Far land Visitors and Domestic Visitors who also want to experience Grandeur of Mughal & Architecture:


1.Red Fort

2. Humayun’s Tomb(All day Open 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM)

3.Qutab Minar

4. Akshardham

5.Lotus Temple

6.Raj Ghat

7.National Museum(Closed on Monday,10:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

8.Jantar Mantar

9.India Gate

  1.  If above Itinerary looks too tiring Here is one bit short and relaxed covering almost all the popular heritage monuments that can be explored in one day.

Breakfast near Chandni Chowk

  1. Jama Masjid
  2. Red Fort


  1. Qutab Minar
  2. Humayun Tomb
  3. Lodi Garden
  4. End your day at Connaught Place walking and shopping. And at last dine at fine dining restaurants.

Delhi is too huge even to cover in months but I have tried my best to compile it the best way.


Do comment if you want to add or suggest some more places. Till then Keep Exploring, Stay Curious.